I liked the service. Lucero was patient, and I liked how I felt after my makeup was done by Lucero. I recently gave birth and my self-esteem was feeling very low, but after my makeup was finished, I felt good about myself and really liked the finished look. Thank you, Lucero, for you’re hard work, and for the knowledge that you have managed to learn in your makeup classes.
I loved it!

Jennifer L.

I loved the overall energy of getting my makeup done! I feel so confident with the amazing makeup and hair, and I definitely will be booking again!

Bianca T.

I love the makeup look Lucero gave me it was the perfect soft glam! Everything was great!

Isela S.

I love the hair and makeup I’m not used to eyeliner but I like it . She is very detailed and precise with everything. Was very gentle with the makeup and I loved how she was very clean with brushes and tools.

Rebecca Z.

The color tone is perfect. I feel beautiful and the experience with Lucy made me feel comfortable and relaxed.
Thank you love.

Israala B.

My foundation was a little too light but she did a wonderful job, especially with my eyes.

Marsha B.

I love the look she gave me, makes me feel so beautiful. 

Ashley G.

Excellent job! Loved my look!

Erica G.

Phenomenal service love the look.

Marili F.

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